The professional world has experienced dramatic changes in the face of the global pandemic. The shift from the central work office to the remote workplace can definitely be considered one of the more significant changes. However, thanks to the aid of video and communication technology, businesses around the world have been able to continue on their respective missions.

This is not to say that the transition has necessarily been a smooth one for everyone – Rome wasn’t built in a day though, right? There are certain barriers to the remote workplace such as a good internet connection and a relatively quiet home/remote working environment. While for many people these two factors might be a given, there may be employees within organisations who struggle to work from remotely. Therefore, instilling a sense of inclusivity in the remote workplace is of significant importance to all organisations.

A good place to start with inclusivity is in remote meetings – both in the preparation of the meetings and while the meetings are taking place. Here are just a few tips for how to create a sense of inclusivity in remote workplace meetings:

Make sure that the meeting time is suitable for all involved. This is particularly true for parents and caretakers, as these roles should not negatively affect their ability to participate in the meeting.

Set a clear meeting agenda and provide this to participants 24 hours in advance. This allows participants to be prepared and avoids the meeting favouring extroverts or participants with more senior positions who may feel more comfortable speaking freely.

During the meeting, avoid commenting on participants’ appearances or work environment as this may be interpreted as a micro-aggression. As the meeting host, you are in a position to be an ally by preventing others from making these types of comments and from interrupting or speaking over other participants.

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