In an ever-changing world, our ability to learn and grow is constantly being tested.
But the ability to keep progressing, learn new skills and adapt to new situations is vital. It can also be scary. So we thought we’d share you some insight into why some people struggle to accept change while some “old dogs” have absolutely no problem learning new tricks.

It all comes down to our mindset. Our mindset is made up of the attitudes and beliefs that we hold, and this has a big impact on both professional and personal success.  Our mindset also impacts how we view the world around us and how we choose to take action.

Some people view the world through a fixed mindset. This means they believe that a person’s abilities and skills become fixed at a certain point in their lives and are almost impossible to change.

On the flip side, others view the world through a growth mindset. They believe you are never done learning, growing and becoming a better version of yourself. People with a growth mindset view every challenge or setback as an opportunity to learn, grow and change.

Here’s a couple of tips for creating and keeping a growth mindset:

  1. See everything as a learning experience – if you succeed at something reflect back on what you did and what made it so successful. Is there a process you can map to re-use for the future? Similarly if you fail at something, treat it as an opportunity to learn and improve. Ask others who were involved for feedback – they may have insight you can learn from.
  1. Speaking of learning from others, you should look at the successes of other people. Resist the urge to be envious and find out how and why they were successful. And don’t be afraid to reach out to them, you’d be surprised how many people are willing to share the secrets to their success.

There’s so much more to learn about the differences between a growth and fixed mindset and how it affects how you interact with the world around you, and we’ve covered this in our brand new Growth Mindset courses. To see how our content can help develop employees at all levels in your organization register for a free trial.