We don’t know about you but here at Mind Channel 2020 has flown by, we haven’t even had time to take our Christmas trees down!

But we’re super excited by the new content we’ve been developing, helping our brilliant new (and existing) customers and expanding our partnership network.

We’ll give you the full low-down on each of these in future blog posts but here’s a quick run down of everything new in the Mind Channel Universe:

– We’ve released 14 new “Mind Channel Minute” courses. You know we’re all about the microlearning, and these courses are micro-microlearning! Each course takes around 3 minutes to complete and topics covered include Organization Skills, Rapport Building, Powerful Storytelling and Effective E-mail Writing.

– Our content is now available in German and European Portuguese – it’s all fully localized (unlike the subtitled approach of many other content libraries). We’re always looking for the next in-demand language so if you love our content but need it in another language just let us know.

– We’ve partnered up with one of the largest learning technologies companies in the world to offer our industry leading microlearning to all of their customers. Full details coming soon!

If you’d like to find out more about us or sample some of our new content just drop us a line, we’ll get back to you within a day.