What’s the one thing that could enhance all our lives? No, it isn’t money. I mean, that
wouldn’t hurt, sure, but it’s not the most important thing. What is even more important is
the skill of active listening.

What is active listening?
We all know how to listen. We do it every day. So then what does it mean to listen actively?
Active listening is a life skill acquired by practising self-awareness and mindfulness. It can
help you build strong relationships and draw out information that you may, ordinarily, not
be able to gain. It is listening with intention and genuine curiosity, providing the person you
are listening to with the opportunity to say what they need to say, and what they mean. This
is done by listening without interrupting them to give advice or your opinion. Instead, you
maintain eye contact and paraphrase what they have said back to them to indicate that you
have listened to them and understood what they have said. This shows them that you are
not preoccupied with other thoughts or with your interpretation of what they are saying.
This makes them feel heard and valued.

Why is active listening important in the workplace?
Applying active listening is beneficial in the workplace because it improves working
relationships, the understanding of tasks, and professional and personal growth.

Here are a few benefits of applying active listening in the workplace:

Increased productivity
When employees feel more comfortable voicing their ideas and opinions, with both
employers and fellow employees, they become more productive, focused, and energised.
Fewer misunderstandings mean less “do-over” work.

Building rapport and trust
Active listening helps your fellow employees feel comfortable sharing information with you.
When you understand and engage in active listening in your communication with each
other, this can result in significant collaborative work and efficiency in the workplace.

Identifying and solving problems
As an employer, active listening will help you detect challenges and difficulties that your
employees are facing. Therefore, you will be able to spot these issues sooner and help find
an effective solution. The same can be said for employees, as they will be more likely to
identify and solve problems within their teams – solving issues before they even need to be
escalated: A dream come true for any manager or employer.

Increased understanding
By engaging in active listening, you are more likely to retain information and understand the
nature of tasks, thus making your solutions more relevant and effective.

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